Diving Deep Into Dredd!

Dredd is an excellent movie that deserved to be more successful than it was.

The core of the film is the relationship between Anderson and Dredd, as he assesses her suitability for judgeship. Trapped in a massive arcology run by criminals, Dredd and Anderson have to find a way to survive, and along the way dispense some justice.

This video, by Séamus Hanly, dives deep into the motivations of Dredd and explores why he makes the choices he does, and how the structure of the film undergirds those choices. It is QUITE excellent, and the most insightful piece on Dredd I’ve seen.


King Kong Gets Krushed!

So I was on Twitter today, and the director of this little flick was all mad:

He was tweeting up a storm because of this little video…

So he was all mad and ranting about the fact that this video existed.

Look, I get why you’d be upset. The video is harsh. Wrong in a couple of places, unfair in others, but overall justifiably harsh. It was mean. I’m sure it lacerated your feels.

BUT YOU’RE A HOLLYWOOD DIRECTOR. You’ve a number of movies under your belt. You make the beaucoup bucks, kemo sabe. THIS LOOKS BAD.

DO NOT whine about the YouTuber. Instead, show a little class and say: “All movies have their flaws, but me and my crew are justly proud of the work we did on Kong: Skull Island.” And that’s it. Nothing else.

Show a little class. That’s all you need to do.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol, 2 Kinda Was Sorta Flawed, I Guess…

Been a thin couple of weeks ’round the old YouTube feed. Nobody—and I mean NOBODY—has done much of anything worth sharing, especially about the best Space Opera / Comedy Marvel movie released so far this year!

So let’s go TO THE VIDEO!

Okay, that’s a little harsh.

Although they really did screw up Drax pretty badly. Let’s hope they get them right for Avengers 3.