Okay, I lied. The Spider-Man one is only sort of okay. And I have the feeling that I’m gonna loathe that annoying fat kid even more than I do right now.

OTOH, the next movie looks great! Or rather, looks like it could be great. It could also be a tedious, over-CGI’d mess that stupefies rather than entertains.

And, of course, the last season of Game of Thrones. All this trailer reminds me of, is that the series is about 1000x better than whatever George will eventually come up with.

So exciting!

10 Times Microsoft’s Xbox Division SCREWED THE POOCH

So, Microsoft’s made a lot of missteps in the 16 years since the original Xbox first debuted. Don’t get me wrong, they’ve done a lot of great things as well (and I love my Xbox One), but these mistakes are EPIC…

What Number One is… well, it’s no surprise.

Xbox 360 Ring of Death

I remember those days. Those days sucked.