Who IS the Joker?

They call them Fan Theories, or sometimes Fanon: the bizarre notions people come up with to explain plot holes or blank spots in a film, or film series. Like:

Just who IS Heath Ledger’s Joker?


Well, here’s ten fan theories—including one about the Joker—that may not be “true” (in an ontological sense) but which are definitely interesting.

Simpsonized Things Hit The Web!

Artist Adrien Noterdaem (Belgium) has utterly Simpsonized vast swathes of popular culture. And it’s AWESOME!


Doc Brown and Marty McFly, ready to go back home.


The Avengers, kicking Ultron ass.


Who you gonna call?

There’s a bunch more of these below—Goonies! Labyrinth! They Live!—and a bunch more at his blog, SIMPSONIZED! Check it out!