Ten MORE Awesome Games Coming in 2017!

Including this no-doubt foul-mouthed-but-funny new South Park game…


So, yesterday’s post was all about new games coming out in 2017. But somehow they managed to miss all the COOLEST games coming out this year.

Like what? Well here, take a look:

Number 1 for me is, of course, Red Dead Redemption 2. GTA V in the Old West? SOLD!

Alice Through the Looking Glass is ALSO Awful!

So, I watched the movie. Alice Through the Looking Glass.

It wasn’t good.

That’s funny. Because it LOOKS like a quality production.

The reasons I disliked the movie are many, and varied. Basically nothing about it worked.

I COULD list all the mistakes… but Cinema Sins did it for me!

I’m not saying I agree with all his points, but I don’t care enough about the movie to disagree with any of them. It was horribly, terribly, excruciatingly awful and I hope it falls into ignominy and is forgotten.

In fact, I guarantee it.