King Kong Gets Krushed!

So I was on Twitter today, and the director of this little flick was all mad:

He was tweeting up a storm because of this little video…

So he was all mad and ranting about the fact that this video existed.

Look, I get why you’d be upset. The video is harsh. Wrong in a couple of places, unfair in others, but overall justifiably harsh. It was mean. I’m sure it lacerated your feels.

BUT YOU’RE A HOLLYWOOD DIRECTOR. You’ve a number of movies under your belt. You make the beaucoup bucks, kemo sabe. THIS LOOKS BAD.

DO NOT whine about the YouTuber. Instead, show a little class and say: “All movies have their flaws, but me and my crew are justly proud of the work we did on Kong: Skull Island.” And that’s it. Nothing else.

Show a little class. That’s all you need to do.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol, 2 Kinda Was Sorta Flawed, I Guess…

Been a thin couple of weeks ’round the old YouTube feed. Nobody—and I mean NOBODY—has done much of anything worth sharing, especially about the best Space Opera / Comedy Marvel movie released so far this year!

So let’s go TO THE VIDEO!

Okay, that’s a little harsh.

Although they really did screw up Drax pretty badly. Let’s hope they get them right for Avengers 3.


The Best of the Best: Westerns!

The Western. That most quintessential American genre.

Even when made in Italy by an Italian.

Here’s a great stab at listing the best Westerns ever filmed.

Why did the Western fade? Because it was subverted by Altman. Once it stopped being a Western, and became an anti-Western, the movies died on the vine. Audiences loved tales of good vs evil. Tales where the good is portrayed as evil? Not so much.