Battlefield 1: Breaking the Mold

It’s coming… Battlefield 1.


And, unlike every other “Battlefield” game ever made, this one ISN’T ripping off Call of Duty. It’s amazing, I know.

And here’s the official trailer.

Well, that left me more confused than excited. If I hadn’t played in the Mutiplayer Beta and had a smashing good time, I might consider giving it a miss.

But I did, so WWI, HERE I COME!

Three Days Till Luke Cage Comes Out To Play

It is, in fact, almost here: Marvel’s Luke Cage, the third of the Marvel/Netflix series. Harlem’s bulletproof bad-ass stalks the streets in just three days.

Marvel's Luke Cage
Marvel’s Luke Cage

And here’s the final, full trailer for the series.

Like every Netflix show, all thirteen episodes will be released on the same day—September 30—so you can binge watch to your heart’s content. Unfortunately, this weekend is pretty busy for me, but next week will be Luke Cage week ’round the old homestead.

Marvel’s Movie Music: Why So Awful?

It probably hasn’t escaped your notice that, musically speaking, the Marvel movie landscape comes across as a little, well, bland. Where are the great themes of the past, the Indiana Jones Theme, the Imperial Death March, the Harry Potter Theme?

YouTuber Tony Zhou has a theory…

Sounds good, right? Very convincing. Unfortunately, it got some basic facts about Hollywood movie music practices wrong. Dan Golding decided to set the record straight.

Like much of Hollywood, it’s music is lazy and self-referential. Without knowledge of, and influence from, outside sources, it’s become homogenized and redigested pap. Now that I believe.

Top Ten Awesome Alan Rickman Roles!

Alan Rickman was the man. Die Hard, the “Harry Potter” series, and, of course, Galaxy Quest.


Another one of the fallen legends, here’s fully ten of his most awesome roles.

I might quibble with the order of the top five, and most of the bottom five are a cavalcade of “What the hell was THAT?”, but there is no doubt he was a legend.

Thank you, sir, for sharing your talent with us the brief while you were here. You brought much joy and delight into many millions of people’s lives.