Nothing but Trouble – Behind the Scenes of Dan Aykroyd’s Astoundingly Awful Cinematic Abomination!

This right here is the glorious story about how an absurdly awful film got greenlit, made, and released. It’s astounding.

Could the movie have been good? Sure. Was it? AW HELL NAW. And now I know why.

Trailers for Foreign Flicks! (Sort of.)

Trailers for Foreign Flicks! (Sort of.)

Netflix has an amazing SCOPE of shows. Now if it would only work on making them amazing, they’d own the universe.

Kingdom: Zombies come to ancient Korea.

1983: Polish alt-history thriller. What if there was a conspiracy to ensure the Berlin Wall never fell? In 2006, the Polish Underground tries to unearth it.

Creed II: Okay, this one is cheating. But the dude IS Russian, so…

I’m betting that this one will be the best of the lot.