10 Video Games That Blew the Roof Off the Hobby!

There are games that are ambitious… and some that are over ambitious (like Fable, Peter Molyneux’s infamously overhyped RPG).


Yet even overhyped, over-ambitious games can push the state of the art of video games forward. Here are 10 games that, in their overweening ambition, blew the roof off the hobby and drove the state of the art forward.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! (also, the Rudolph Honest Trailer!)

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! And, to celebrate this totally-not-Christmas Holiday, we bring you… A CHRISTMAS RANKIN AND BASS STOP MOTION SPECTACULAR FROM 1964!


That’s right, it’s the Honest Trailer for the perennial Christmas mainstay, Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer.

Dinosaurs, lolwut?

Bizarre Boss Battles From Out The Blue!

You know how it is… you’re playing a quirky, full-of-black-humor puzzle-based video game when suddenly, BAM! BOSS FIGHT!

Looking at you, Portal.

And all the skills in solving puzzles and such are suddenly mostly meaningless, as you have to stop and kill the baddy.

Well, here’s 8 of those bizarre boss battles that have NOTHING to do with the rest of the game. (Warning: SPOILERS.)

The Worst Unlockables in Video Game History!

Lots of games include unlockables, special gear, powers, or game modes you earn access to by accomplishing cool things in the game. Grand Theft Auto IV, for example.


And yet, sometimes the unlockables are so pedestrian, so worthless, so downright lame, that earning them just isn’t worth the trouble. Here’s seven of the worst unlockables in video game history.

Yeah. I shot 200 pigeons in GTA IV. It was the last thing I needed to score 100% completion. It was BORING, and the helicopter? SO not worth it.