Forced Auto-Fail Stealth Sections Really Suck!

You know how some games give you those mandatory sneaking sections, where you utterly and totally fail whenever a guard catches so much of a hint of your presence and have to do the whole thing over? Yeah, I hate those things. And some games are lousy with them.


Anyway, here’s eight time good games made you suffer through sucky stealth sections!

Great Game Ideas That Completely Failed To Work!

A lot of game designers have a lot of good ideas… and some of them even work. Skyrim, for example, implemented a lot of great ideas that just hadn’t quite jelled in previous entries in “The Elder Scrolls” series.


Then there’s other games, where great new ideas just turn out to be awful. Here’s some good examples.

About the only thing I can suggest, on this topic is: PLAYTEST. Whether for tabletop RPGs or videogames, playtesting is where its at, so far as finding the weaknesses inherent in your designs. Theory is all well and good, but nothing replaces actual players actually playing the game.

Video Game Twist Ending WTF Moments!

There are good twist endings—like in The Sixth Sense, by M. Night Shyamalan—and bad twist endings, like in Signs by M. Night Shyamalan. Video games have them, too. There’s the plot twist reveal in Bioshock, which makes you rethink all that’s come before, and then there’s… well, these lot.

Those are BIZARRELY bad endings to games. I’m just glad I never had to sit through… well, any of them.

But that Path of Neo ending…


Yeah, still a better ending than Mass Effect 3.

“Kill Quill”: Pop Culture Mashups That DON’T Suck!

Pop culture mashups are all too often lazy, stupid, and trendy.

1 Take character A
2 Draw them appearing in show or comic B
3 Make a t-shirt
4 $$

And yes, that really works.

But sometimes, just sometimes, they’re done with flair and technique. Like “Kill Quill”.


I wouldn’t bet against her.

Then there’s this Jill Valentine piece.


Sheer. Determination.

Last, GI Joe’s most infamous romance takes the stage.


Poor Scarlet. I always thought she should end up with Duke anyway.

All these are by Marco d’Alfonso, who has a couple HUNDRED genius mashups on DeviantArt, At The Link!

Mysteries Of The Walking Dead

Well, The Walking Dead is back for the last half of its (so far) best season yet. In honor of its return, I’d like to present “The Top Ten Facts of The Walking Dead“.

I like the show, and read most of the comic. I guess you could classify me as a fan, except this:

I think The Walking Dead comic is overrated. It is NOT as good as people say.

I’m not saying it’s BAD, by any means, but it is pretentious and despairing. It wants to be about all sorts of deep issues, but the writer hasn’t yet developed the depth of character or experience to be able to write about deep and meaningful subjects.

There is a large number of people overly enchanted with despairing storylines, ones in which everybody (or nearly everybody) dies. As an example, the movie of Stephen King’s The Mist. These people call any work that induces depression deep and insightful and well written, and it just isn’t so.

Kirkman’s comic is lauded precisely because it induces despair. Bad things happen, people die and die and die, and the zombies pretty much always win. (At least until the last issue I read.)

The comic is good, but not great, for just that reason. So far the show has, despite all the nastiness that went down last season, avoided that trap. We’ll have to see if it continues to do so.