Marvel’s Monday Fivesome!

San Diego ComicCon came and went, leaving a HOST of Marvel trailers in its wake.

Might be good. Might not.

I don’t have a good feeling about this one.


No x2.

Also, some dude leaked the super-secret Avengers: Infinity War trailer. My heart is filled with sadness. You definitely shouldn’t click here to see it before Marvel sues them out of existence.

Smacking Sherlock Around!

It’s no secret: Sherlock Series 4 was AWFUL. (It’s a BBC show. Instead of “Season 4”, they call it “Series 4”. Roll with it.) The pain started early, and came to fruition with the UNBELIEVABLY INCREDIBLY STUPID final episode.

(Crashing plane, my well-toned Manx bum.)

But the suckage may not have started there. This dude whines way too much about political stuff, and he’s utterly wrong about Mary (she was a tedious character, and all her bits were BORING), but he’s got some great points about Moffat’s “all tease, no story” problem and the insane budget the BBC gave the show.

It’s long, but worth watching, especially if you’re a writer.


Okay, I lied. The Spider-Man one is only sort of okay. And I have the feeling that I’m gonna loathe that annoying fat kid even more than I do right now.

OTOH, the next movie looks great! Or rather, looks like it could be great. It could also be a tedious, over-CGI’d mess that stupefies rather than entertains.

And, of course, the last season of Game of Thrones. All this trailer reminds me of, is that the series is about 1000x better than whatever George will eventually come up with.

So exciting!