Disney Princesses… as X-Men!

Just in time for X-Men: God I Hope We Didn’t Kill The Franchise Again, comes these pics of the brave princesses of your favorite Disney flics, remade into many different Marvel mutant maidens.

Pocahontas as Psylocke
Pocahontas as Psylocke
Merida as Rogue
Merida as Rogue
Cinderella as Dazzler
Aurora as Dazzler

The rest of the series is available in the snazzy gallery below, or you can check out the artist’s other work At The Link!

So Many Sequels That Just Never Were

In more Labyrinth news, a speculative movie poster from a sequel that never was.

Labyrinth 2: Return of the Goblin King by Ruben Ireland
Labyrinth 2: Return of the Goblin King by Ruben Ireland

It’s part of an exhibit at the iam8bit gallery in Los Angeles, “Sequels”, which imagines sequels that never happened, like The Last Starfighter: Xur’s Revenge.

The Last Starfighter: Xur's Revenge by Doaly
The Last Starfighter: Xur’s Revenge by Doaly

“Sequels” features 40-odd artists and their visions of movies that weren’t ever made, but maybe should have been, like The Rocketeer 2: Crimson Skies.

The Rocketeer 2: Crimson Skies by Alex Griendling
The Rocketeer 2: Crimson Skies by Alex Griendling

Many of these movies were rumored (Labyrinth 2 as recently as 2014), one even announced (Buckaroo Banzai Against the World Crime League, announced in the credits of the original), but most had never even been contemplated until now. For more examples of superb sequels that never got made, check out the gallery below or, if you want an actual movie poster of a fictional film to hang in your room, you can check out iam8bit’s store At The Link!

Triple Trailer Tuesday!

Three terrible trailers for two (almost certainly) terrible films and a (more than likely) terrible miniseries.

We start of with… STAR TREK BEYOND.

The director of Fast and Furious? Well, it’s not like you could TELL or anything.

Mind you, I do like many of the F&F franchise films. But that’s not the sort of thing Star Trek is really about, you know?

Next up… I’m gonna let you guess this one from the trailer. (Probably, you won’t.)

Yeah. It’s THAT classic, timeless work of landmark Western Civilization literature. Looks like a music video or, well, the Fast and Furious movie, no?

Last one…

No Will Smith? WE RIOT NOW.

I don’t get why they’re worried, though. They just need to find another MacBook or maybe an iPad and they’re GOLD.

X-Men: Apocalypse: It’s the End of the World

And I feel… kinda maybe like going to see it. Probably. I mean, WTH, right? It’s gotta be better than Incredible Hulk.

Now, seeing as they didn’t really show Olivia Munn’s Psylocke in the trailer, I’m gonna have to rectify the situation.

Maggie Q would STILL have been a better choice.

That’ll do.

Ant-Man: Under the Microscope!

You knew this was coming. And it’s awesome!

Honest Trailer: Ant-Man!

I like Ant-Man. I like it a lot. And if you don’t, probably you’re a terrible person who watches Showgirls and thinks it’s great cinema.


Bats v Supes: Nope, Not Looking Any Better

In fact, it’s kinda looking worse.

First off, I HATE Lex Luthor as a whiny, twitchy nerd boy. Eisenberg was GREAT in Zombieland, but this is NOT his role. Lex Luthor should be imposing and menacing, yet capable of charm. Bryan Cranston is the PERFECT Luthor. Vin Diesel, if you wanted a more physical actor.

A couple of good things: This origin for Doomsday is much better than the comics’ one, but he looks kinda stupid. And Gal Gadot is, of course, stupidly hot.

Zach Snyder makes BOLD decisions — Batman isn’t a brand new super in this movie, but has had a 10-year career — but many times they’re the WRONG decisions, like the whole “dad had to die” thing from Man of Steel. And this movie seems to have involved a long list of bad decisions.

It looks like a disaster. We can only hope it sinks the DCCU, and lets Warners reboot it without Goyer and Snyder. (Other than Suicide Squad, which actually looks like a good movie.)