ONCE UPON A DEADPOOL! (And some other stuff.)

Deadpool 2 Redux with FRED SAVAGE. (Now if they’d only make a PG-13 Deadpool 1.)

At last, an Aquaman trailer that doesn’t suck. Took them long enough.


‘Nuff said.

And a second one, for good measure.

Guess that technically wasn’t enough said, but it was ‘Nuff said. If you get my point.

Trailers for Foreign Flicks! (Sort of.)

Trailers for Foreign Flicks! (Sort of.)

Netflix has an amazing SCOPE of shows. Now if it would only work on making them amazing, they’d own the universe.

Kingdom: Zombies come to ancient Korea.

1983: Polish alt-history thriller. What if there was a conspiracy to ensure the Berlin Wall never fell? In 2006, the Polish Underground tries to unearth it.

Creed II: Okay, this one is cheating. But the dude IS Russian, so…

I’m betting that this one will be the best of the lot.

Warcraft III: Reforged! (And that other thing.)

So, BlizzCon was this weekend, and people paid money to attend in person, and even online. ($50 for the latter.) They announced World of Warcraft Classic, a 4k remaster of Warcraft III, some other stuff, and also a Diablo thing. (More on that below.)

First, the trailer for Warcraft III: Reforged!

Awesome. And now the introductory campaign: The Culling!

And, in case you were wondering, here’s what the game looks like!

And now that other thing everybody hated.

I don’t care if Activision/Blizzard makes a mobile game. I haven’t enjoyed the mobile games I’ve played, and I don’t do MMO’s, but it doesn’t frost me that they’re dipping into that market.

But Blizzard really screwed the pooch here. First, they announce a new Diablo IP and game, driving people to buy tickets to their convention because of the hype. These are their CORE audience of PC/Mac people. They hear “New Diablo!”, they assume a PC game.

Then Blizzard announces this mobile thing. And people are understandably peeved: they got caught in a bait-and-switch. Which was the WORST way to approach this. And Blizzard’s dismissive attitude in the Q&A didn’t help matters.

Blizzard muffed this announcement, big time.