Agent Carter SHIELD Series Is A Go

Hayley Atwell (the Tsar Bomb of sexiness) played Agent Carter, the love interest of Captain America in both his recent films. Winter Soldier revealed she was one of the people who founded SHIELD, and now a TV series (or mini series) starring the stunning Ms. Atwell is a go.


The series will detail the early days of SHIELD, just after the war. Here’s hoping it’s as great as the movies (and not as lackluster as the SHIELD TV series).

The Dini-Verse Returns, And I’m A Big Old Cheat

So, it’s Day 7 of Movie Week, but rather than a cinematic release, I give you an animated Web Short — Batman: Strange Days.

It’s Batman. Not just any Batman, but the Batman: The Animated Series Batman, from the dark, noir-ish animated show on the WB. The Dini-Verse (aka DCAU) Batman.

The first new Dini-Verse material since Justice League Unlimited went off the air in 2006. (Though the Arkham Asylum and Arkham City video games both used the voices of the Dini-Verse Batman and Joker, they were not set there.)

A great little short, released to celebrate 75 years of Batman, and it’s available on Youtube, here. Watch, and enjoy.

X-Men: Days of Future Past 1st Three Minutes

It’s Day 4 of Movie Week, and I bring you the first three minutes of the upcoming superhero movie X-Men: Days of Future Past. Following on from both X-Men: First Class and X-Men: The Really Shitty Third One Where Wolverine Kills Jean Gray, DoFP is a time-travelling extravaganza, that links the two incompatible histories. Beginning in a dark future, the movie takes us back to the heady days of Yuri Gagarin and Sputnik… wait, I mean Nixon and the 1970’s (the ugliest decade that ever graced this cursed blue orb).

The events of X-Men: Complete Shit-itude, have lead to a massive war between the mutant-hunting Sentinel robots and mutant-kind. The implacable androids have hunted mutants nearly to extinction, destroying much of the planet in the process (kind of a design flaw there, Bolivar old chap).

Just how dark is this dark future? Glad you asked. You get a great view of it in these three minutes of all-out, full-bore anti-Sentinel smash-em-up, featuring Blink (a fave of mine), Shadowcat, Iceman, Bishop, and some other random X-Men. It’s a great little scene that should whet your whistle for the full movie, coming later this summer.