Four (Kinda Sorta Okay Maybe Not) Fabulous Trailers!

ComicCon’s trailer-palooza continues! First off: Stranger Things Season 2!

And now, the Justice League!

And also, Steven Spielberg’s READY AUDIENCE NOSTALGIA!

Last and least, the UK Netflix trailer for Star Trek: Discovery! (It’s broadcasting on Netflix in the UK.)

What a terrible show that’ll turn out to be.

Marvel’s Monday Fivesome!

San Diego ComicCon came and went, leaving a HOST of Marvel trailers in its wake.

Might be good. Might not.

I don’t have a good feeling about this one.


No x2.

Also, some dude leaked the super-secret Avengers: Infinity War trailer. My heart is filled with sadness. You definitely shouldn’t click here to see it before Marvel sues them out of existence.

Insanely Amazing Art from Uncanny Knack!

One of the cooler parts of this gig is unexpectedly running across some really cool stuff. Take digital manipulation artist Uncanny Knack, over on DeviantArt. He’s got some stuff that is just ACES.

Darth Vader on Hoth.

This pic of Vader SCREAMS momentum. It seems like one moment out of a KILLER action scene.

Thundarr the Barbarian, Ookla, and Princess Ariel

Thundarr ready to whoop some tail, you best believe it.

Poison Ivy

Ahhh, Poison Ivy. You deserved so much better than Batman and Robin.

Uncanny Knack has a TON of other pics, both in the gallery below and on his DeviantArt page, At the Link!