Powerless: DOOMED From The Start!

So, here’s Powerless: You live in the DC Universe, but aren’t a superhero. How bad does your life suck?


Pretty bad, or so the trailer makes it seem.

“Super heroes are super terrifying” is an interesting idea, but a stupid one. Good for a one-shot (Astro City did it fine), but not as a continuing series. And certainly not for a comedy.

Much less a comedy that isn’t funny.

Imma add Powerless to the list of TV Shows That Were Doomed From the Start.

Wolverine vs Wonder Woman! FIGHT!

Sure, they’re from different universes… but what if?



It’s a common enough trope: two heroes meet, they kick the crap out of each other, they team up to fight the real ultimate evil. I blame Wonder Woman for it running off the rails in this case.

Sure, Wolverine was an asshole. That’s just who he is. But she’s the one that escalated the confrontation to a life or death battle RIGHT OFF THE BAT. If she’d been just a hair less confrontational, or more willing to de-escalate the situation once it began, both of them could have survived, and faced the real evil together.

Speaking of which, what the hell was Cyke thinking, airdropping Wolverine blind into the situation, instead of sending in one of the female X-Men to negotiate with the Amazons? It’s almost like he WANTED Wolverine to get…