Wanna Get Paid? Write Fan-Fic.

We continue out Spec-Fic Week with some news on actual fiction. The headline:

Amazon Unveils Fan Fiction Business

Um… what? Is this a joke?

Nope, a press release straight off Business Wire. Witness:

“Today, Amazon Publishing announces Kindle Worlds, the first commercial publishing platform that will enable any writer to create fan fiction based on a range of original stories and characters and earn royalties for doing so.”

Warners has licensed three properties — Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, and Vampire Diaries — and people can write fiction set in these worlds and submit them for publishing. And then get paid.

<blink.> <blink.>


I wonder how this will play. Do you think big name authors will sign up? Could we see a True Blood license, officially-sanctioned A Song of Ice and Fire stories, or maybe sequels to The Lord of the Rings? Oooh, or maybe some more Twilight fan-fic! I’ve got chills.

Somebody call me when they add The Dresden Files, Harry Potter, or Torg.

(I’ve suddenly got this great idea for a crossover story: Harry Meets Harry. Instant gold, right?)

(Of course, I rejected my first title — When Harry Met Harry — because it sounds too much like slashfic. Ewwwww.)

The Chained Library of Zutphen: Real Life Fantasy

The chained library at Zutphen.

A great series of photographs of a “chained library”, a Middle Ages oddity now nearly vanished. This is the kind of color and detail that makes a fantasy RPG come alive, so all you GM’s should definitely Evernote the article.

At the bottom are links to two other excellent articles about chained libraries in general and Zutphen in particular:

A short history of the ‘Librije’

The Last of the Great Chained Libraries

And last, from TheRPGSite, a thread with ideas about how to integrate the library into your FRPG (started by yours truly).

Ghost Story: Not Dead, But On Life Support

Day 2 of Spec-Fic Week features Daddy Warpig’s Kickass Podcast.

John McGlynn — my podcast partner in crime — and I spend 15 minutes dissecting Jim Butcher’s urban fantasy novel Ghost Story, book 13 of “The Dresden Files”.

Listen here:

And download here. (Right Click -> “Save As…”)