Vampire Hunters, Cthulhu Killers, and Nazi Werewolves!

A devout Catholic, Singaporean Darren Tan (aka wraithdt) has worked for a number of publishers, and on a number of projects, most recently for Fantasy Flight Game’s Legend of the Five Rings. Here’s some of his other illos…

Stake her fast, before her friend catches up.

Impressive… but ineffective.

The Nazis did this one.

You can catch more of Tan’s illustrations in the gallery below, or At The Link!

Ready Player One: A Billion Dumptrucks’ Worth of Worthless Crud”

Savage, yet fair.

[Ready Player One] is a more commercially friendly work. [Soda Pop Soldier] is more real, but at the cost of including things mainstream audiences will find jarring (most especially in The Black). By way of analogy, RP1 is a slutty Pop Tart’s hit album (Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream”, for example) to SPS’s raw, personal, wrenching Heavy Metal concept album.

Also, Nick Cole!

Check it out over at Castalia House!

Blade Runner: Was It Really That Good?

Blade Runner is an unbearably overrated movie. It’s slow, pretentious, and self-indulgent. It’s not as deep as people say, nor is it as moving. It is, in fact, monumentally boring.

Scott wasted a bunch of great ideas on a go-nowhere-fast disappointment. Or maybe I’m wrong. Red Letter Media debates!