A Valerian Trailer That DOESN’T Suck!

So, there’s this movie called Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets coming out, and the commercials and posters for it are TERRIBLE.

Like that one. Pretty generic, right? Total snoozefest.


But wait! There’s a new trailer, and it DOESN’T SUCK. (Unlike the last one.)

NOW I’m interested.

Stealing From the Very Best: Alien!

Long before Ridley Scott stunk up the silver screen with Prometheus, he made an under-appreciated little gem called Alien. (It’s pretty obscure. You may not have heard of it.)

John Hurt, in memoriam.

Since then, everybody and their dog has ripped off his haunted-house-in-space horror flick. Here’s ten of the most egregious examples.


Rogue One: Plinkett Doesn’t Like It

Rogue One is in the theaters, and doing pretty well ($500 mil, as of yesterday).


I enjoyed it (check out our Geek Gab review), but it does have its flaws. Basically, it’s like cotton candy: pretty, tasty, but no lasting nutritional value.

Mr. Plinkett doesn’t like it, of course. Let’s see what he has to say!

He makes some good points, though he’s far harsher than I am, mostly because of one point: I LIKE action in my movies, and Mike Stoklasa (et. al.) just don’t. Which, let’s face it, is a massive impediment to reviewing movies with any sort of action in them.

Not that the action was perfect (he’s dead on about the lack of character-building dialogue), but cinematic violence and explosions aren’t, in and of themselves, offensive and wrong, even in a “Star Wars” movie.