The Red Hot Chili Peppers are currently touring the country with Kawaii Metal band BABYMETAL.

RHCP donned the full Kami Band gear to perform with the Precocious Tykes of Awesome Metal, and a bunch of fans recorded the performance and (of course) uploaded them to YouTube, whereupon another fan downloaded them and edited them together in a fan-made music video of the performance.

And… GO!

Marvel’s Movie Music: Why So Awful?

It probably hasn’t escaped your notice that, musically speaking, the Marvel movie landscape comes across as a little, well, bland. Where are the great themes of the past, the Indiana Jones Theme, the Imperial Death March, the Harry Potter Theme?

YouTuber Tony Zhou has a theory…

Sounds good, right? Very convincing. Unfortunately, it got some basic facts about Hollywood movie music practices wrong. Dan Golding decided to set the record straight.

Like much of Hollywood, it’s music is lazy and self-referential. Without knowledge of, and influence from, outside sources, it’s become homogenized and redigested pap. Now that I believe.

So You Rejected A Song That Became A Hit…

Sometimes musicians just don’t like a song, so they give it up to someone else. Here’s ten that went on to be smash hits.

Sidenote: Whitney Houston’s story is one of the great tragedies of music. She was insanely talented, but fell into heavy cocaine use, from which she eventually died. I always hoped, always believed in the back of my mind, that she’d get it together and launch a comeback tour.


What a waste.