What if Someone Made an Entire Movie That Looked Like FMV Video Games?

Same bad acting. Same bad greenscreen on bad backgrounds. Same bad writing.

The RLM boys discuss…

It’s not so much bad as it is totally clueless. Like a tree-year-old trying to paint the Mona Lisa, if they get anything that looks like a woman at all, it’s a PHENOMENAL success.

Creed II!

The Rocky movie series is simply phenomenal. There are a couple of clunkers, but on the whole it is great.

Creed was a fitting sequel to the series, all about Apollo Creed’s son training with Rocky Balboa. If you haven’t watched it, you should.

And now, Creed II. And Ivan Drago—who killed Apollo Creed—is back, training his son to take the belt.

Honestly, the trailer is a little weak. Even so, I’m there. I’m SO there.