Gal Gadot and Co in “ElseBothWorlds”!

Famed Photoshop maestro Bosslogic asks “What if Marvel became DC and DC became Marvel?” Here are the pics and some thoughts…

Gal Godot as Black Widow.

This will never happen, but I’d love to see Marvel try.

ScarJo as Wonder Woman.

Eh. ScarJo isn’t my favorite actress. Not sure this is a good fit.

Henry Cavill as Captain America.

I’d pay good money to see this one. Cavill’d make a SUPERB Cap.

Chris Evans as Superman.

OTOH, I don’t think Chris Evans makes a good superman.

Jason Momoa as Thor.

Give him blonde hair, and he might pull it off.

Chris Hemsworth as Aquaman.

Sure, that works.

Robert Downey, Jr as Batman.

This pic isn’t as good as the rest, but I think that RDJ could nail Bruce Wayne / Batman (even if his Bruce Wayne would be disconcertingly similar to Tony Stark).

Ben Affleck as Iron Man.

Ben Affleck is actually a talented actor, and his Tony Stark might be a lot more like the comics’ than RDJ’s Stark was.

Tom Hiddleston as the Joker.

Not sure if he could do it, but I’d like to see him try.

Jared Leto as Loki.

That, he might be able to pull off.

Ezra Miller as Spider-Man; Tom Holland as The Flash.

I don’t want to see Ezra Miller as anyone, but especially not Spider-Man. As Justice League showed, he’s just not funny and Spidey needs to be funny.

Tom Holland might be okay, though.

Chadwick Boseman as Cyborg; Ray Fisher as Black Panther.

I say give it a try.

Nothing but Trouble – Behind the Scenes of Dan Aykroyd’s Astoundingly Awful Cinematic Abomination!

This right here is the glorious story about how an absurdly awful film got greenlit, made, and released. It’s astounding.

Could the movie have been good? Sure. Was it? AW HELL NAW. And now I know why.