Millar-Verse, Spider-Verse, and Shaq-Fu: Three Trailers for Thursday!

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse!

The Magic Order, Mark Millar’s next comic-book series!

I was interested in seeing Spider-Verse, after this trailer I’m much less so. I’ve never read anything my Millar, but this trailer makes me kinda interested in checking it out.

At least one of them did their job.

And now, Shaq Fu Honest Trailer!

Sounds awesomely awful.Millar-Verse, Spider-Verse, and Shaq-Fu: Three Trailers for Thursday!

The Bumblebee Movie!

I thought this was doomed to be a terrible movie, but lead actress Hailee Steinfeld was incredible in 2010’s True Grit remake, and if she can carry off this performance half as well, it might be a decent movie.

Plus, the robots have been made much more like their classic counterparts (from the cartoon days) instead of the more jagged, more complex Micheal Bay versions. IMHO, it looks much better here.

Also, Starscream (apparently). He’s always been good for some laughs.

Let’s hope the movie is decent.