Batman: Arkham Knight Badass Cosplay!

Happy Batman Day! Arkham is coming TODAY, and to honor the game We’ve got some TOTALLY BADASS Batman cosplay pics.


Storm over Gotham.


The Dark Knight strikes.


When fighting the worst scum Batman’s slums have to offer, armor plating is de rigueur.

You can check out the rest of the pics, and the story behind the 3d-printed armor, At The Link!


Rule 63 Supers: The Avengers

Rule 63: “For any given male character, there is a female version of that character.”


Take this Thor.


I DARE you to find a prettier Thor than Jennifer Lawrence, anywhere.

Ya can’t do it.

And what about Amber Heard as Captain America?


Phenomenal. And astoundingly gorgeous.

Last up is Kate Beckinsale as Iron Man.


Tell you what: as unutterably beautiful as Ms. Beckinsale is, I’d watch the HELL out of that movie.

But wait! There’s more!

Rule 63 Hawkeye, Loki, and Nick Fury all await At The Link! ENJOY!

How To Die In A Horror Flick

Horror movies are horrible, and lots of people die. (Traditionally.) But up until Scream, there were very clear rules about how to survive.

So dead.
So dead.

Don’t drink. Don’t skinny dip. Don’t take a shower. Don’t look into a mirror.

So many rules, so many innocent co-eds who could have been saved had they only learned them. Well, you don’t have to make the same mistake. Just in case YOU ever end up in a horror flick, Flashbak has compiled a comprehensive list of all the ways you can die.

Do yourself a favor: Learn the rules. Live to see another day.

All the tips to help yourself survive can be found At The Link!

8 Bit Games Invade Reality!

Forget Pixels. THIS is what old-school 8-bit video games would look like in real life. Presenting…

Super Mario Brothers 3!


Donkey Kong!


Advance Wars!


Look, they may not be complex or CGI’d enough for a would-be major Hollywood blockbuster, but they look much better than stuff we saw in the trailer. As if to prove my point, RETROnoob has eleven more “retro games in the real world” pics (including Street Fighter, Outrun, and Mario Kart) At The Link!

The X-Men Captured in Cosplay!

The best cosplay photogs don’t settle for simple photos of people posing in costume, they try to bring scenes to life. By making a photo appear as a slice of action, the pic is more dynamic and more exciting.

Completely coincidentally, this is what comic book artists strive for, for panels that hint at scenes in motion. I say “coincidentally”, because today’s cosplay pics, by the supremely talented Jay Tablante, are all of the famed comicbook superhero mutants, the X-Men.

We start with the infamous power leech Rogue, the Southern powerhouse.


Next is Shadowcat, the girl who can walk through walls.


Last, Phoenix, perhaps the most deadly threat the X-Men ever faced.


Not only are Tablante’s photos posed as if in motion, but they also feature pretty cool special effects that sell the comic book heroics angle. You can find 19 other incredible cosplay portraits, including Black Cat, the White Queen, and Wasp At The Link!

Four Cockamamie Avengers Fan Theories (and One Pretty Good One)

You know the formula: mix geeks with too much free time on their hands and the necessarily-inconsistent setting details of fictional universes, then sit back and watch the bizarre fan theories explode. Despite their famed attention to continuity, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is just as susceptible as anyone else to this, as Dorkly proves with “5 Marvel Movie Fan Theories That Are Too Good Not To Be True”.

There’s the secret of Star Lord’s parentage, a supposed theory with no actual theory attached, Loki’s two-movie-long Xanatos Gambit that seated him on Asgard’s throne, Black Widow’s nefarious purpose in urging Cap to get himself a gal, and (weakest of the lot) Phil Coulson’s supposed identity as a super-soldier. (Really?) Out of all these, the only one that’s actually Too Good Not To Be True is the true identity of Stan Lee’s character.


Who is this omnipresent old man anyway? Showing up at least once in every MCU movie (and several other alternate Marvel movie and television continuities), he’s appeared as a Hugh Hefner clone, a cap-bedecked redneck, even an Army General. And yet in every role he looks, sounds, and acts the same (a little stiff and unnatural, to be honest). So who is he?

Uatu the Watcher.

An alien being charged with observing, but not interfering, Uatu keeps watch over the Earth of the Marvel Universe. In particular, he shows up to observe particularly critical events, like the first time Tony Stark takes up the mantle of Iron Man to seek out terrorists using his weapons, or when Ultron first appears to the Avengers and threatens to destroy them.

If we assume that Stan Lee is playing a character, and that he’s the same character in each of the movies, then Uatu is the only possible explanation. Plus, there’s just something poetic about the man who created much of the Marvel universe, and has hence been watching it since its creation, being the MCU’s Watcher.

I’m not saying it’s the capital-T Truth in the movies, but that the theory is in fact Too Good Not To Be True.

The rest of this fan theory, and four other inferior ones, can be found At The Link!