Deep Dark Secrets of 28 Days Later!

28 Days Later had a massive effect on the zombie landscape, basically bringing the genre back from the dead.



It also inspired such various media as the 2004 Dawn of the Dead, The Walking Dead comic book (which opens with a 28 Days Later inspired scene with Rick), and John Ringo’s “Black Tide Rising” zombie series (which argued against the cheery assumption that the zombies would, in fact, starve to death so quickly). So, in honor of Halloween and the best damn zombie movie ever made, we present…

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! (also, the Rudolph Honest Trailer!)

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! And, to celebrate this totally-not-Christmas Holiday, we bring you… A CHRISTMAS RANKIN AND BASS STOP MOTION SPECTACULAR FROM 1964!


That’s right, it’s the Honest Trailer for the perennial Christmas mainstay, Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer.

Dinosaurs, lolwut?

Fourth of July: GI Joe and Superheroes!

It’s the Fourth of July, America’s Independence Day, and we’ll celebrate with some patriotic superhero photomanipulations courtesy DeviantArt’s Jeff Chapman.

We start with GI JOE!

Lady Jaye
Lady Jaye

Next, the wonderful Wonder Woman!

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman

And last, some OG Americans, “Native Warrior Women”.

Native Warrior Women
Native Warrior Women

As is usually the case, we’ve got loads more of Chapman’s masterful work—including Lara Croft, Catwoman, and Lady America—in the gallery below.

Even more can be found At The Link! (Link NSFW, because of rampant skimpiness and such. Like Elsa. Sheesh!)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Man, Leprechaun Really SUCKED!

You would be SHOCKED at how difficult it is to find a St Patrick’s day themed topic for a geek news blog. I mean, I looked and looked and they just aren’t out there.

Except one: The total, unbelievable, suckitude of the Leprechaun franchise.

No, your eyes don’t deceive you, that IS Jennifer Anniston. And this “scary” little guy…


The scariest thing about this is that this movie actually got made… SEVEN TIMES.


Find out more about Leprechaun, and four other totally awful 1980’s horror movie franchises, At The Link!