Kamiko Zero: Completely Kickass Cosplay!

Presenting… Russian cosplayer Kseniya Beknazarova, better known as Kamiko Zero!

Mad Moxxi

You can find a bunch more of her cosplay pics At The Link!

Staffel’s Stupendous Cosplay Creations!

Another gallery of another batch of awesome Cosplay photographs, this time from Saffels Photography! We start with D.Va, from Blizzard’s Overwatch!


Next, Metroid’s Samus!


And last, a pretty posh Poison Ivy!

Poison Ivy
Poison Ivy

But wait, THERE’s MORE! Not only are there a score of cosplay pics in the gallery below, you can find over 10x that number in the Saffels Photography gallery At The Link!

7 Alien Races That Accidentally Look Like Smoking Hotties!

It’s amazing—nay, ASTOUNDING—how often wholly alien races end up looking like sexy, sexy women. Especially in video games. Even in crappy, lowres videogames where the graphics don’t really allow you to see any of the “sexy”.

Here’s seven. (Video mildly NSFW because of computer videogame sexiness.)

And, of course, they forgot one: the Twi’Leks, from various “Star Wars” properties, who definitely all sorts of qualify. The difficulty with including Twi’Leks wasn’t finding a sexy photo, it was finding one tame enough to include in this post.

Sexy Twi’Lek

Yup. That’s definitely a sexy, sexy alien hottie.

Gorgeous Gals with Gorgeous Guns!

Courtesy Weapon Outfitters, a whole gallery of bodacious babes with big guns in cosplay costumes.

Rule 63 Punisher
Rule 63 Punisher

According to the weapon outfitters blog, cosplayer Ethereal Rose is carrying a Hodge Defense AR-15 with “Mega Arms Wedge Lock Rail, Lancer Systems Advanced Warfighter Magazine, ZeroBravo Reversible Handstop, Trijicon MRO, and Arisaka Defense Offset Scout Mount”. Plus an unidentified model of hatchet.

Elsa and Anna, Zombie Hunters
Elsa and Anna, Zombie Hunters

Two lethal looking, zombie hunting Disney princesses, based off art I highlighted in this post.

Bonnie Rockwaller, Secret Agent
Bonnie Rockwaller, Kim Possible

Once a high school cheerleader, now a certified bad ass.

You can catch more of their hot chicks with hot pieces in the gallery below, or on their blog At The Link!

(hat tip to frequent commenter Nate Winchester for the Weapon Outfitters link)