Antoine Collignon’s Pics Kick Ass!

Belgium’s Antoine Collignon does some KICK ASS art.

The Silver Ninja
D.Va Maintenance
Star Wars: Rising

Of course the above are just the beginning. Check out a bunch more below, and even more at his ArtStation page.

Vampire Hunters, Cthulhu Killers, and Nazi Werewolves!

A devout Catholic, Singaporean Darren Tan (aka wraithdt) has worked for a number of publishers, and on a number of projects, most recently for Fantasy Flight Game’s Legend of the Five Rings. Here’s some of his other illos…

Stake her fast, before her friend catches up.

Impressive… but ineffective.

The Nazis did this one.

You can catch more of Tan’s illustrations in the gallery below, or At The Link!

Dragons, Batman, and an Imperial Warfleet!

Bastien Grivet is, if I may say so, an EXCELLENT artist. Known as Grivetart over on DeviantArt, his portfolio includes these great pieces.

Probably time for the Rebellion to skedaddle.

Moody and marvelous.

Just pray it doesn’t eat you, buddy.

There’s a bunch of his pics below, and even more can be found At The Link!

Insanely Amazing Art from Uncanny Knack!

One of the cooler parts of this gig is unexpectedly running across some really cool stuff. Take digital manipulation artist Uncanny Knack, over on DeviantArt. He’s got some stuff that is just ACES.

Darth Vader on Hoth.

This pic of Vader SCREAMS momentum. It seems like one moment out of a KILLER action scene.

Thundarr the Barbarian, Ookla, and Princess Ariel

Thundarr ready to whoop some tail, you best believe it.

Poison Ivy

Ahhh, Poison Ivy. You deserved so much better than Batman and Robin.

Uncanny Knack has a TON of other pics, both in the gallery below and on his DeviantArt page, At the Link!

Awesome Digital Art from Maryneim!

Over on Deviantart, artist Mei Lauviah (aka Maryneim) creates masterful photomanips (pics assembled from digitally altered pieces of other images) of just about every character under the sun.

Take this one of the X-men’s “British by way of Japan” psychic ninja, Psylocke.


Then there’s her take on Elsa and Anna from Disney’s Frozen.

Elsa and Anna

And peep on She-Ra, Princess of Power (from the late 80’s Saturday morning cartoon show of the same name).


There’s plenty more pics in the gallery below, and you can find even more—including many Sailor Moon characters, Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, Betty Boop, and more—AT THE LINK! (Mildly NSFW, obvs.)