Happy 4th of July!

Independence Day, when we beat the British.

Sort of. But not really.

See, back then we were British, one group of Englishmen asserting our rights under English law, rights the King was trampling. (“We might have been a free and great people together.”) So we rebelled (rebellion, not revolution) and earned our freedom through 9 years of brutal warfare.

(Plus, we only declared our Independence on July 4. We didn’t get it until the War was over.)

And, even after the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812 (when we again fought the British, who burned down the yet-uncompleted White House), we became allies of Britain, a great and noble country.

I, for one, am glad we separated from the Commonwealth, but glad we could remain allies. I am also glad that self-determination and freedom from tyranny could spread to so much of humanity, and much of that spread can be traced to a rag-tag band of refugees and craftsmen who valued their freedoms enough to forsake Crown and Country for something more.

Happy 4th of July!

A Little Bit About Politics

I don’t talk about politics, as a matter of site policy. Even so, I want to say this:

Egypt and Turkey are both currently ruled by dictatorial strongmen, leaders who have been crushing dissent ruthlessly. Both are, right now, embroiled in political protests against the dictators.

Egypt is, reportedly, the site of the largest demonstrations ever, in the history of the human race. The BBC and Reuters are both reporting millions of people in the streets, protesting Morsi’s repressive rule. (14 million, “according to a military source”.) The American media has, so far, ignored the historic events.

I hate seeing people suffer, especially under fanatical and repressive ideologues. I can only hope that, after these protests, both countries will be better off and the suffering of people living there will decrease.