Massive Mistakes that Made for Marvelous Movie Moments!

Some movies are just that awesome.

Like this one. This one is.

And sometimes, even those movies are helped along by random mistakes too good not to keep in the film.

I admit, I thought several of those (dropping the thing, flag, walking from the beach) were actually planned on purpose. Who knew?

Also, I’m surprised by how many of these revolved around flatulence.

The Master of Action is Back!

You may have heard of John McTiernan. Or maybe not. But I GUARANTEE you’ve heard of a small little indie movie he directed.


Then there was this other obscure little flick he helmed…


And, of course, this little-seen, much-overlooked nautical tale…


Well, McTiernan has been AWOL from Hollywood for a LONG time (last movie bowed in 2003), but he’s at last returned to directing. It’s only a commercial for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands, but still… maybe he’s back for real.

We can only hope.