What if Someone Made an Entire Movie That Looked Like FMV Video Games?

Same bad acting. Same bad greenscreen on bad backgrounds. Same bad writing.

The RLM boys discuss…

It’s not so much bad as it is totally clueless. Like a tree-year-old trying to paint the Mona Lisa, if they get anything that looks like a woman at all, it’s a PHENOMENAL success.

Marvelous Movies That Were Never Made! (But Should Have Been!)

In a universe next door (or maybe a couple of doors past that) many movies were made long before they were supposed to be…


It’s not just that the posters are pitch-perfect matches for their time, it’s the CASTING. Seriously, read who else is supposed to be in these.

Richard Pryor as The Corporate Coward? PERFECT.

Someday, real-world CGI technology may allow these movies to be made, and I hope somebody remembers these because they’d be SPECTACULAR.

Check out a bunch more marvelous movies never made below, and even more at the artist’s Behance page.

Steve Martin in Elf? Richard Burton in 28 Days Later? Young Mel Gibson in Thor: Ragnarok?