To help you get into the mood for the Halloween season, I present a selection of the fabulous works of photographer Benjamin Von Wong.

Angel or demon? Doesn’t matter, she demands your respect. Cultists, monsters, and a small squad of monster hunters whose lifespans can probably be measured with an egg-timer. Unearthly and utterly alien.

A fine selection of Won’s art can be found in the gallery below, and the rest is available At The Link!

Imagination really can take us back to our childhood, when wonder and awe was not only possible, but was possibly an everyday thing.

It’s hard to get more shameless than this…

But let’s be honest: rip-offs are NOT automatically terrible. Sometimes, when everyone rips off the same game, what happens instead is the birth of an entire new gaming genre.

Take Doom. EVERYONE ripped it off, and what we got from it was 1st Person Shooters, like Halo, Bioshock, and Half Life. If no one ripped off Doom, most of the best games of all time would never have happened.

Then there’s Grand Theft Auto and ITS ripoffs, which include not only the obvious, Saint’s Row (a well-above-average series in its own right) and Crackdown (the often overlooked but fun-as-hell superhero GTA) but, arguably, Skyrim. Open worlds are among the hottest fads in gaming right now, and they owe their burgeoning popularity to GTA.

Frankly, artistic endeavors thrive on cross-pollination and inspiration. Lousy, shoddy copies are properly labeled ripoffs (and those in the video certainly qualify), but well done clones are, in fact, authentic and awesome games in their own right.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. It’s all your Jane Austen, plus BLOODY ZOMBIE MEYHEM. But is it any good? Take a look…

The Verdict: A resounding “Maybe…”

After all, this is more of a teaser than a full trailer, and the movie itself could be fun and worthwhile or it could suck beyond anything you can imagine.

Let’s hope for the former, and not the latter.

Wow. These games really are the WORST.

You gotta wonder: Who thought most of these were a good idea?

I said it. I meant it. now CineFix is gonna explain it.

I’ve long been a fan of Michael Bay’s, ever since Bad Boys. Which I loved. And, as I’ve watched the Bay-hate simmer and grow, I keep thinking the following:

“You cannot deny the man makes enjoyable movies. Most movies suck, so how can you say he’s a BAD director?”

The mistake nearly everyone makes, when criticizing Michael Bay, is they confuse “stuff I don’t like” with “objectively bad”. See, there’s a vast gulf between “things that I like” and “things that are bad”.

I like a lot of things that are not the greatest examples of their art form, like The Core. I like it, but it is objectively a mediocre, cliched, paint-by-numbers movie with ATROCIOUS science. Contrariwise, I dislike a lot of things that are, by any measure, technically marvelous. (Most romantic comedies and many dramas fall into this category.)

Michael Bay is a very skilled and very precise director. He has control over his medium: right or wrong, his movies turn out EXACTLY as he envisioned. That is the mark of a high degree of technical ability, one 99.999% of directors will never achieve. He sets out to thrill the audience, and maybe move them a little bit, and has succeeded far more often than he’s failed, and even his failures are better than the vast majority of movies in existence.

Even if you dislike his brand of hyper-kinetic pop-corn action movies, you need to recognize that his skill as a director is real, and he displays it in every frame of his movies.  That level of skill and industriousness is worthy of respect, even if you don’t respect his movies.

People complained about Fallout 3 not having cars, and that Fallout 4 won’t either. But face it, folks, if their cars were as BAD as these seven vehicles, you’re better off without.

• I liked the Mako. I spent a lot of time Makoing around in the Mako. (And, as always, f*** Bioware and EA.)

• “Desert Bus”? There’s a game that DESERVED to go unreleased. Bad move, guys.

Deadly Premonition? Just because it’s “survival horror” doesn’t mean the WHOLE GAME has to suck.

• Yeah, I’ve stolen a Faggio, and driven it across Los Santos. I was desperate for a vehicle, and the streets were empty out where I was.

• I liked the airboat. Screw you. The only part that sucked was the combat with the helicopter dropping roughly 500,000 mines. And running over Combine was HILARIOUS.

Also, you guys missed the planes in GTA V. And the helicopters in GTA IV and V. They ALL suck.