Site Rules!

The Rules of the House of Geekery

Rule 1: Daddy Warpig does the hell he wants. Even if it appears to conflict with any other Rule. His blog, his choice.

Rule 2: No politics. Not on my blog. No discussion of politics, no criticism of people who believe differently, no mentioning of politics at all.

Rule 3: Don’t be a jerk. Comments are always welcome, but this is a geek blog, so nothing posted here qualifies as supa-serious business justifying personal abuse or general jerkery.

Rule 4: DW’s blog, DW’s Rules. The Rules are subject to expansion and emendation as DW sees fit. Interpretation and enforcement of The Rules is likewise his prerogative (see Rule 1).

We welcome everyone at the House of Geekery, except those who cannot respect The Rules. Don’t let that be you.

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