10 Times Microsoft’s Xbox Division SCREWED THE POOCH

So, Microsoft’s made a lot of missteps in the 16 years since the original Xbox first debuted. Don’t get me wrong, they’ve done a lot of great things as well (and I love my Xbox One), but these mistakes are EPIC…

What Number One is… well, it’s no surprise.

Xbox 360 Ring of Death

I remember those days. Those days sucked.

10 Game Trailers That Straight Up Lied To Your Face!

Oh, sure, they ALL lie, but these were the worst…

I was a BIG FAN of the Dead Island trailer, so the game itself was befuddling. Even after 6 years, though, the trailer still kicks bootie.

Then, of course, there’s 2013’s live-action remake, which is also dynamite.

Sad the game didn’t live up to the trailer. What could have been…