The Master of Action is Back!

You may have heard of John McTiernan. Or maybe not. But I GUARANTEE you’ve heard of a small little indie movie he directed.


Then there was this other obscure little flick he helmed…


And, of course, this little-seen, much-overlooked nautical tale…


Well, McTiernan has been AWOL from Hollywood for a LONG time (last movie bowed in 2003), but he’s at last returned to directing. It’s only a commercial for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands, but still… maybe he’s back for real.

We can only hope.

Resident Evil 7—Really, You Should Have Just Walked Away

I just started Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (or Biohazard 7: Resident Evil for those of you in Japan) last night.


So, to celebrate Ethan’s complete unwillingness to PAY ATTENTION TO WARNING SIGNS AND RUN AWAY FROM THE FREAKY HAUNTED PLANTATION BEFORE HE GOT TRAPPED, here’s the RE7 Honest Game Trailer!

Vintage Game Skills that Have Totally Withered Away!

There were some AWESOME old games.


And yet, as the years pass, you tend to forget how to play them. Where once you swaggered back and forth, dominating the electronic landscape with ease, now you flail about as if you’ve never played before. It sucks.

Hopefully this hand video will remind you of what you’ve lost!


Prey isn’t a sequel to the sub-par 2006 shooter of the same name, and from the same company. It isn’t, properly speaking, even a reboot. Instead, it’s “A game with the same name as this other game”.


And here’s the trailer!

Getting a definite Dead Space 2 and Bioshock vibe from this, which is not a bad thing at all, as both games were EXCELLENT. I’m looking forward to this, far more than any other soon-to-be-released games.

Totally Murdery Games You Can Play as a Total Pacifist!

Like this one! (And they even give you extra XP for it!)


And here’s eight more! (SPOILERS!)

Although, I’ll tell you the truth: I just finished Mankind Divided less than 20 minutes ago, and I absolutely COULD NOT just knock out the final boss.

So I don’t know just what’s up with that.