7 Strangest Hacking Minigames in Videogame History!

Look, I get why people don’t especially enjoy these… but I’ve played most of them, and they were pretty alright.

Except Deus Ex. I wanted to like it, it was a callback to my desktop RPG’s like Shadowrun, but it had problems. I liked the theory, but it was nonsensical: there was absolutely no correspondence between the Security Level and the actual difficulty. In some cases they had “low security” systems with extensive mazes that were nearly impossible to crack. Aggravating.

And Prey’s security system is wonky. It has 4 levels of security, lowest to highest. 1 is pretty easy, 3 and 4 near cakewalks, but Security 2 systems are ballbreakers. The time they give you, and the mazes they designed, mean that this “above-average” security level is actually the toughest in the game.

Overall, these aren’t as bad as the video makes them sound, though they definitely have their problems.