On Posting Frequency

It’s been just over a week since my last post. Ideally, I’d be posting more frequently than that.

In fact, in an ideal universe, where I had the brain of Hawking, the body of a GQ model, and the fortune of a Hilton, I would… uh…

(I was going to say “post every day”, but in actuality I’d probably do something entirely different with my time. Something almost, but not quite, wholly unrelated to roleplaying. So that’s a bad example. Let’s try again…)

In fact, in a better, but still not completely ideal universe, I’d be posting every day. That’s just not gonna happen here. For many reasons.

Hence the motto of the site: An eclectic collection of RPG material, posted at random intervals. “Random intervals” meaning “on an irregular basis.”

So, I’ll post when and as I can, and beg your forgiveness for the dry periods in between. Thank you in advance.

A Storm is Coming…

So, what’s up with the thunderstorm picture in the site header? Well, the Twenty Ten theme (the WordPress look-and-feel that this site uses) has a small selection of pictures you can use. Though very pretty, I liked none of them. So I decided to find my own, something that matched the site.

I deliberately searched for “thunderstorms” on Google, and grabbed one I like. It matched the “beauty of nature” theme of the other Twenty Ten pics, but has additional significance for Storm Knights (one of the main projects on the site).

In Storm Knights, my revised Torg campaign setting, reality storms are a prominent obstacle. At the edge of each cosm, where two realities come into conflict, reality storms result.

Massive banks of thunderclouds, with red-and-blue lightning, these towering mile-high storms run for hundreds of miles, massive walls of roiling clouds, rain, and lightning strikes. In the storms, reality itself breaks down and the laws of physics are revoked. They are truly dangerous places. The name “Storm Knights” comes from the fact that PC’s can venture into these storms and emerge unscathed.

Reality storms are an iconic feature of Torg, dominating the art of the boxed set and sourcebooks, being an integral part of the game’s logo (look closely at the letters of the word “Torg”), being featured in the first adventure (“The Lizard and the Lightning”), in the game’s tag line (“The storm has a name…”) and the game’s pre-release publicity (“A storm is coming…”)

This picture is obviously of an oncoming storm, a storm that hasn’t yet reached the viewer, but is getting very close. You can even see a red-and-blue lightning strike in the distance.

In other words, this visual deliberately evokes classic Torg:

A storm is coming…

The storm has a name…

It calls itself Torg.

The Beginning

There’s a few inter-related topics this blog will cover:

  • My Storm Knights campaign setting (based on the Torg RPG).
  • Infinity, (more properly the Infinity Gaming System), my own little action-movie RPG, the game engine for Storm Knights.
  • Dead Man’s Land, a nanotech zombie apocalypse campaign, also built for Infinity (but adaptable for nearly any system one chooses).
  • Altered States, my Alt-History Technothriller Shadowrun campaign, also being written for Infinity.

One game system and three campaigns being written for it (so far), that’s the subject of this blog. The “Categories” and “Tags” sections contain links to all the posts in each project, so people will find it easier to begin at the beginning.

Right now, we’re brand spanking new, so everything currently posted is the most basic of basics, intended to introduce people to the above four topics. As such, it’s a little sparse.

As the blog slowly grows (that is, as I post new material), each of these topics will be fleshed out. Those interested can subscribe via RSS, to keep abreast of new posts.

So subscribe, read, and enjoy. Comment, if you’ve the desire. And welcome to Jasyn’s House of Gaming.

Hello World!

So, what is this brand-spanking new blog?

For about 11 years now, I’ve been working on a redesigned Torg campaign, called Storm Knights. Much material has been posted by me, most notably on the Storm Knights site itself. Other material has been posted to the (now relocated) Torg Mailing List. Since the List’s migration to Yahoo, that material has become largely unavailable.

No more. This blog is intended to repost/archive that material, and as a first post for any new material in that vein.

This blog is also intended as a repost/first post of Infinity material. The Infinity Gaming System is my own little action-movie RPG, born as a house-ruled rewrite of the Torg system but since then having grown into its own beast. It’s best described as a bastard hybrid of FATE, Torg, Savage Worlds, and my own idiosyncratic rules.

Last, this blog is for other eclectic RPG material connected to Storm Knights or Infinity. For example Dead Man’s Land, a nanotech zombie apocalypse campaign, where PC’s are carriers slowly succumbing to the zombie infection. Also my Alt-History Technothriller Shadowrun, a campaign also being built on the Infinity chassis.

In other words, this is an eclectic collection of RPG material, posted at random intervals. Everything here is new, unfinished, and a Work In ProgressTM.

So Welcome! to anyone daft enough to wander in and crazy enough to stick around. Read, comment, enjoy.

(Just don’t expect a set schedule or a continuity of subject, one day to the next. You’ll be happier that way.)