The world is a dark and magical place, and needs dark and magical heroes: The Eldritch Avengers, heroes out of time.

The ultimate assassin, fighting to atone for her dark and blood-drenched past. Master of the arcane arts, he is both genius and madman. A feared bezerker, few know this bloodied titan is in reality a slender and bookish scribe, stricken by an ancient curse.

These dark fantasy supers are the work of theDURRRRIAN, over on DeviantArt. Check out his full gallery At The Link!

Quicksilver the Wraithbrand The Vision: Knowledge Incarnate

When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the Earth.

No help came. 10 years after the fall of man. At the great tomb, the dead.

For more “after the Dead come for the Living” madness, check the gallery below, plus all the other photos At The Link!

That’s right, Fallout 4 released just a bit before this post went live. So HAPPY FALLOUT 4 DAY!

To celebrate, a trio of cool Fallout related things.

We start with the badass launch trailer. Get HYPED.

Then, a Little Golden Fallout Book.

Last, Disney dames as Fallout badasses. (via PeterSlavik)

Happy Fallout 4 day! GAME ON!

Fallout 4 is, as I said yesterday, inbound ASAP. I just bought my copy, and the code has downloaded to the HDD. (External because the XB1 had NOTHING for an internal HDD.) Now I just have to wait for an arbitrary launch date.

While we’re waiting, take a gander at these totally bitchin’ fan-made photo composites inspired by EVERYONE’s favorite post-apocalyptic first person open world computer roleplaying game. (I SAID EVERYONE’S!)

Hunting for Food You Got The Drop, Son Stalking Their Prey…

Made by user hieronymus7z, and posted to Imgur, the remainder of the gallery is just as evocative and cool.

Back Away Quietly, Maybe It Didn’t See You It’s Slow, but It Can Spit Really Far Don’t Disturb Its Slumber The Choice of a Nuked Generation!

To help you get into the mood for the Halloween season, I present a selection of the fabulous works of photographer Benjamin Von Wong.

Angel or demon? Doesn’t matter, she demands your respect. Cultists, monsters, and a small squad of monster hunters whose lifespans can probably be measured with an egg-timer. Unearthly and utterly alien.

A fine selection of Won’s art can be found in the gallery below, and the rest is available At The Link!

I’ve discovered a lot of artists during the last year, and Eve Ventrue is one of my favorites. Brimming with life and vitality, the characters of Ventrue’s art are sometimes fierce, sometimes captivating, sometimes possessed of a startling vulnerability. Her range is broad, and her work is amazing.

No Fear Phoibe II Witch Born

Of course, these pictures only scratch the surface of her work. You can catch some of the rest in the gallery below or At The Link!

Graphic design and advertising is a complex and chancy endeavor. Poorly done, it creates schlock that can actively repel customers, but done well, it can create evocative designs that resonate with the audience and become pieces of popular culture in their own right.

Redditor “Join_You_In_The_Sun” took 80 high resolution scans of different movie posters and removed all text — logos and all. Even shorn of their logos, each poster is both evocative and iconic.

Take a look:

Pulp Fiction Raiders of the Lost Ark Big Trouble in Little China

The gallery below, though extensive, includes less than half of his posters. You can find the rest At The Link!

Big Trouble in Little China Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan A Nightmare on Elm Street Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Return of the Living Dead