About Daddy Warpig!

Daddy Warpig
The man, the myth, the legend!

Daddy Warpig is the mind behind the blog. He:

  • taught himself to read at the age of two.
  • started reading sci-fi and fantasy almost immediately.
  • saw, and remembers seeing, Star Wars in a drive-in in Elizabethtown Kentucky, at the tender age of four. (Years later, he saw Gremlins at the same theater.)
  • watched Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica on the Armed Forces Network in Germany, during the late 1970’s.
  • started roleplaying in 1984. (Dungeons & Dragons, naturally.)
  • Plus: GI Joe. Transformers. Incredible Hulk TV series. The Six Million Dollar Man. Chris Reeves’ Superman. Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. BECMI Dungeons & Dragons. Shadowrun. Torg.
  • attended a Violent Femmes street concert at Gencon in 1997.
  • much later in life, he worked for three years as a radio talk show host…
  • in connection with, the head of the Utah chapter of a major multi-million-dollar nation-wide lobbying organization tried to get him taken off the air. (One of his proudest moments.)
  • got named, in 2001, as one of the “Best Things About Utah” by the state’s alternative newspaper.
  • worked for three years as a newspaper opinion columnist, winning an award for opinion writing from the Society of Professional Journalists.
  • graduated with a degree in Radio and Print Journalism.
  • worked for Prodigy, AOL, Microsoft, and eBay. (He once crashed all of eBay for several hours. Another one of his proudest moments.)
  • wrote a tiny little article about Mac OS X Panther,
  • which was responded to directly by famed Mac OS X critic John Siracusa,
  • and was (for a time) was cited by Wikipedia as an authoritative source (in their Mac OS X article).
  • authored a Wikipedia article, about the Alderson Disk.
  • a stripper beauty queen (who’d dated a Superbowl-winning NFL quarterback) chased me for the purpose of establishing wedded bliss. No wedding bells, alas.
  • met New York Times Bestselling authors Patrick Rothfuss and Larry Correia,
  • the latter of whom instructed him on a Barrett .50 sniper rifle (which he fired :D ),
  • something something #GamerGate
  • spent way too many hours of his life planning and executing RPG campaigns,
  • including thousands of hours researching and contemplating and writing revisions to the Torg gaming system,
  • said revisions being generally well-regarded in the Torg community,
  • to the extent they’ve been bootlegged on torrent sites (despite being available for free),
  • and prompted an accolade from veteran game designer Patrick Kapera (“you’re the best thing to happen to Torg“),
  • and is now writing his own roleplaying game.
  • spent hundreds of hours learning html and page layout, to create his Storm Knights website,
  • and now, this site.

Note: All of the above is strictly true. Even the bit about the stripper.

4 thoughts on “About Daddy Warpig!”

  1. Whoah! The Star Wars memory took me back. I saw it at a drive-in as well, tender age 6, not too far away-in McDowell Co., WVa.
    Did a parent or other adult relative sneak you into the drive-in, in order to avoid paying admission, by hiding you in the trunk of the car? The way my aunt did with me and my pals? Those were the days. Not many drive-ins left, huh?
    Great site, thanks!

  2. there’s a clumsy oversight on the line
    “and is now writing is own roleplaying game”.

    thought to tell you so you can mend it

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