Two Trailers, Two TOTALLY Different Movies!

One leaves you feeling pumped up and excited, the other leaves you feeling like you just took too much Xanax.

First, CAPTAIN MARVEL! (No, not that one. The other one.)


Yup. Pumped or bored. I’ll leave it to you to figure out which was which.

6 thoughts on “Two Trailers, Two TOTALLY Different Movies!”

  1. Welcome back! I hope everything is all right.
    I hear the director of the WB Captain Marvel Movie “Shazam!” tweeted the director of this one, saying “people are more excited to see my movie than yours.”

  2. Great to have you back DW!

    My first thought about that Captain Marvel trailer was that it was aspiring to be as great as the Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern movie. They look very similar to me, plot wise.

    As for Avengers:Endgame, I am interested in it and want to see Infinity Wars tied up. But I think it might be the last Marvel movie I pay to watch at the cinema. I get the feeling a lot of fans feel that way.

  3. The first one doesn’t leave me bored, it looks like it could be interesting though with the usual politics crap some people are spreading about it and there’s no previous movies to go on I’m apprehensive that it’ll be an SJW screed.

    The second one looks like they’re keeping the spirit of the previous films so I’m definitely pumped for that one.

  4. I dunno… Based solely on the trailers, they both look boring. And Captain Marvel looks like it’ll probably be preachy into the bargain. No desire to see even a single second of it.

    But the Avengers movie should okay, I’d bet. The trailer sucks, but it does have Ant Man in it, so that bodes well. Ant Man is the best.

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