Detectives, Dames, and Disney Princesses!

San Diego’s Astor Alexander recasts Disney Princesses as hard boiled murder mystery dames.

A crack shot and a cold killer… but who was hunting who?
She’ll steal your heart… and everything else.
Family can be such a bitch.
On this pleasure cruise, her pleasure was crime.
Where the lights are brightest, the shadows are darkest.
Her trademarks: a cold heart and shining steel.
She turned her back on the wrong woman… and may never wake again.
The most fatal femme fatale of all.
You come at the queen, you best not miss.

3 thoughts on “Detectives, Dames, and Disney Princesses!”

  1. Dang, Belle and Pocahontas are hot. They’re some of the ones I liked least, Disney-animation-wise, but I like them much better as femmes fatales. I’m a bit disappointed in Ariel, though.

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