A STAR WARS Anime Trailer!

“What if Star Wars had been an anime?” HERE’S YOUR ANSWER!

(Subbed, not dubbed, OFC.)

Also, an updated version of a flick I featured back in 2015, updated with fresh, crisp music and AWESOME sound FX.

Both these look INCREDIBLE, much better than what Disney’s made as of late.

2 thoughts on “A STAR WARS Anime Trailer!”

  1. Weird, what can happen when people respect the source and actually care about the product. …and by “weird” I mean “very predictable”.

  2. First, props to the Star Wars anime guy for getting stuff done.
    Second, Tie Fighter isn’t just better, it’s much, much better than anything Disney or Lucas have done.

    Third…Star Wars was already an anime. An anime adaptation of Star Wars would only give us more gore, more tentacles and a futanari Princess Leia.

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