Captain Marvel Is on the Way!

Spoiler Alert: She doesn’t smile. Ever.

Not the MCU’s first misstep, but probably its biggest. She’s supposed to be the headline character for the next few phases of the MCU, the replacement for Iron Man, and Brie Larson simply CANNOT carry that weight. She’s a good actress—at least on Community—but she was woefully miscast.

This will get all the praise, but I doubt it’ll be a blockbuster success.

4 thoughts on “Captain Marvel Is on the Way!”

  1. No way is she going to replace RDJ. No way the *character* could replace Iron Man; they are very, very different heroes. It might be a decent or even good movie, but it’s not going to be a good spine for phase 4 or whatever we’re up to.

  2. Tesh,

    It was brilliant for Marvel to build on Iron Man/Downey Jr. He has charm. Oodles of it as Dr. Lector might say.

    DW is right.

    Brie Larson isn’t bad. She’s decent looking. But she just doesn’t have his charisma. I can’t think of any female actresses that do, or that could carry this. And by this, I mean carry the weight of a the next phase. Good looking women don’t usually need to develop the charisma an average looking man does to succeed.

    She’s ‘too old’ for what Marvel wants but I think Elizabeth Banks might pull it off. Or Katie Sackhoff before she got all saddle leathery.

  3. Agreed. This is poor casting and character design.
    This is not Wonder Woman, who manged to be powerful, heroic, sexy and womanly.

    It’s the most ‘meh’ trailer Marvel has done and that’s not a good sign for the movie.

    This also seems to screw up the continuity of the MCU, which didn’t seem to have superheroes before Iron Man.

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