4 thoughts on “Seven Super Secrets of Armageddon!”

  1. While The Rock is my favorite Bay movie (Ha! It takes place in San Fransisco), I still enjoy Armageddon quite a bit. Bay is the guy most likely to have a Hollywood Pulp sensibility. That doesn’t mean everything he does is great (Cough! Transformers Couch!) but its usually a spectacle. At least.

    Bay is much maligned basically because he makes movies for people who want a fun spectacle not the cinematic equivalent of ‘literary fiction’.

    And 13 Hours is a terrific movie in its own right.

  2. Most of Bay’s movies are very good popcorn entertainment, and even though he long ago got tired of Transformers flicks, they did let him make side projects like 13 Hours, which is great (as you noted).

  3. “…they did let him make side projects like 13 Hours…”

    It’s funny you put it like that. I did get the feeling 13 Hours is the kind of movie Bay would prefer to make if he had his own way. And yet, he’s a ‘known quantity’ who can make big, (mostly) coherent action-popcorn flicks. So, when some cynical Hollywood type with too much money wants that kind of movie, they call Bay. And he is a professional and can crank them out.

    But 13 Hours, man. What made me like it so much was the fact that, even with all the chaos, you know what is going on. Compare that to some other comparable films. Coherence is an under-rated quality nowadays in Hollywood. Even something as bombastic as The Rock could be followed with out wondering, “What is going on? Who’s that” Why is he there now?”

    I guess I just realized that I am a Michael Bay fan.

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