Daniel LaRusso: THE BULLY IS BACK!

Daniel, the real villain of The Karate Kid, is back to bully the innocent Johnny Lawrence.

Damn shame when a wealthy, self-absorbed businessman turns on a recovering alcoholic who’s fighting his addiction by giving back to the community. Just beginning to put his life back together, and this guy tries to draw him into a violent confrontation.

Damn shame. Once a bully, always a bully.

One thought on “Daniel LaRusso: THE BULLY IS BACK!”

  1. I hope hope hope they have the balls to see it through. I love the premise (Johnny’s redemption could be a very powerful story, especially in this age of “Anti-Bullying”) but there are hints (Seeing the kid in the skeleton costume…) in the trailer that the writers and producers will wimp out and make Johnny the bad guy again.

    But I think its the most exciting Karate Kid trailer I’ve seen since the original.

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