2 thoughts on “Fresh From Japan: Batman Ninja!”

  1. I’m still not sold on the 3D-Anime look. It works well enough for Voltron’s lions, but for characters, it’s a weird effect. Still, that’s some excellent stylish work. I’d be excited, but I’ve learned through hard experience to be somewhat… leery of Japanese work. It’s usually well done, but also more bloody and sexual than I care for.

    That said, it’s nice to see DC branching out a bit. I hear the Batman vs. Jack the Ripper series in London was pretty cool, too.

    …and yeah, someone noted it on Twitter, but whomever they have doing the voice for Joker nailed the Hamill-Joker laugh. Good casting on that one.

  2. /i am suddenly afraid that they’ll turn Harley Quinn into a raging tsundere based on her voice actress…

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