EA and the Wilson Loot Crates (Hello Battlefront II!)

Easy money makes you lazy. EA is only interested in games they can loot-crate-ify, because loot crates are easy money.

And the man who INVENTED them? CEO of EA. Witness!

With no new IP’s, EA shuttering all their innovative studios, and cancelling a Star Wars game by AMY HENNIG, it’s clear the company has bet its future on loot crates. I suspect it’ll prove to be a bad bet.

2 thoughts on “EA and the Wilson Loot Crates (Hello Battlefront II!)”

  1. I really, really don’t like loot boxes. I really, really don’t like subscriptions. I understand the business pressures and cold manipulative calculations behind them… which is part of why I really, really don’t like them. I think that pretty much all efforts to make customers into constant revenue streams inevitably make the product itself suffer, from the so-called “games as service” nonsense to planned obsolescence.

    It’s part of why I’m instinctively annoyed with the Patreon business model, but at the same time, I can’t help but note that it truly does have the potential to make recurring bills easier to pay for some creative souls. Maybe I’m just subconsciously jealous because I can’t yet scale up my hobby into a career, successful Kickstarters or no.

    I’m much more interested in products that stand on their own merits and offer great value for a single purchase price. That’s where my money goes the vast majority of the time. I hate internet tethers, iMusic permissions, all that sort of nonsense where the product I purchase isn’t really mine unless I keep paying in some way.

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