2 thoughts on “Stranger Things 1 Honest Trailer!”

  1. YES! #justice4benny all the way!

    Also season 1 was totally “Elfen Lied.”

    Finally, let me rant a moment about that damn alien joke.

    IT IS NOT DIFFERENT BETWEEN 1 & 2! Think about it like in the real world a second. Let’s imagine you took a bear, and trapped it in an office with a bunch of white collar workers. That bear is going to be a pretty fearsome killing machine isn’t it? Now take the same bear, and trap it on a military base. It’s not going to last long will it? Even though it’s the same bear! Humans are context creatures and an armed military ready for a fight is going to be able to handle threats that poorly armed, unprepared truckers may not have been. THIS IS COMMON SENSE PEOPLE!

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