Deep Dark Secrets of 28 Days Later!

28 Days Later had a massive effect on the zombie landscape, basically bringing the genre back from the dead.



It also inspired such various media as the 2004 Dawn of the Dead, The Walking Dead comic book (which opens with a 28 Days Later inspired scene with Rick), and John Ringo’s “Black Tide Rising” zombie series (which argued against the cheery assumption that the zombies would, in fact, starve to death so quickly). So, in honor of Halloween and the best damn zombie movie ever made, we present…

7 thoughts on “Deep Dark Secrets of 28 Days Later!”

  1. It actually makes sense. If they’re all you have, they’re all you have. They’ll hold a couple of inches of water, so at least they’re SOMETHING. Exactly the sort of thing a guy scavenging one single apartment block would be forced to use.

  2. lol ;) If you need a bucket to empty the laundry basket, we return to the riddle of why not just use the bucket. XD

    I just know somewhere there’s an engineer laughing. (I’m only like… half an engineer.)

    Actually in a real situation like that you’d probably want to utilize a tarp or sheet to set up a wider catch area.

  3. Because with the laundry basket you add more surface area, and there probably isn’t enough rain to fill all the buckets full.

    Though a tarp or dew catcher would be MUCH more effective.

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