Diving Deep Into Dredd!

Dredd is an excellent movie that deserved to be more successful than it was.

The core of the film is the relationship between Anderson and Dredd, as he assesses her suitability for judgeship. Trapped in a massive arcology run by criminals, Dredd and Anderson have to find a way to survive, and along the way dispense some justice.

This video, by Séamus Hanly, dives deep into the motivations of Dredd and explores why he makes the choices he does, and how the structure of the film undergirds those choices. It is QUITE excellent, and the most insightful piece on Dredd I’ve seen.


2 thoughts on “Diving Deep Into Dredd!”

  1. I simply don’t watch R rated movies. The gore, profanity and sex put me out of the market. Still, I’ve been curious about post-apocalyptic fiction for decades, and the Dredd universe seems like an interesting place to dig a bit into themes of law and justice in extreme circumstances. I watched the video and found that it was mouthy and a bit gross, though I suspect significantly less so than the movie. Still, it was indeed a good piece, well reasoned and informative. I wish the movie itself could perform the same way. Thanks for sharing! There are some of what I call “story seeds” in there that I might be able to make use of in my own fiction.

  2. I knew I was going to love the movie the moment Karl Urban said “I would puke in my popcorn if Dredd took his helmet off”.

    If only FOX could figure that out with Doctor Victor von Doom.

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