The Best of the Best: Westerns!

The Western. That most quintessential American genre.

Even when made in Italy by an Italian.

Here’s a great stab at listing the best Westerns ever filmed.

Why did the Western fade? Because it was subverted by Altman. Once it stopped being a Western, and became an anti-Western, the movies died on the vine. Audiences loved tales of good vs evil. Tales where the good is portrayed as evil? Not so much.

2 thoughts on “The Best of the Best: Westerns!”

  1. I knew about the High Noon/Rio Bravo thing, and I side with Wayne. People who settle frontiers tend not to be wusses, as such folks would not survive the first winter. High Noon is an excellent drama, but it is also an obvious attempt to remove the heroic ethic from American myth.

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