2 thoughts on “Why That One Company With That Great Game Went Bust”

  1. The stranger thing is a game company that stays in business for more than a decade, or one that doesn’t shift radically *coughBiowarecough* over time. The industry is broken in a lot of ways.

  2. Oh, and for what it’s worth, I left my first place of employment in the game industry right after EA purchased the studio. I empathize completely with the Westwood people who left when EA ate their studio. EA wanted to own *all* of my art, even anything I worked on off-campus for my own projects, so long as I was in their employ.

    …yeah, that was the dealbreaker. Their California-standard New Employee Handout papers that suggested 60K as a base salary for new hires when I was making less than 40K after 3 years was just an insult at that point.

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