Smacking Sherlock Around!

It’s no secret: Sherlock Series 4 was AWFUL. (It’s a BBC show. Instead of “Season 4”, they call it “Series 4”. Roll with it.) The pain started early, and came to fruition with the UNBELIEVABLY INCREDIBLY STUPID final episode.

(Crashing plane, my well-toned Manx bum.)

But the suckage may not have started there. This dude whines way too much about political stuff, and he’s utterly wrong about Mary (she was a tedious character, and all her bits were BORING), but he’s got some great points about Moffat’s “all tease, no story” problem and the insane budget the BBC gave the show.

It’s long, but worth watching, especially if you’re a writer.

One thought on “Smacking Sherlock Around!”

  1. I hated Season 4 of Sherlock Holmes more than Season 2 & 3, and I severely despised those seasons. I felt insulted by the artsy, chopped up narratives that hid how little story there was. I watched the show for the performances of the actors, though I lost faith in the show with Sherlock’s asinine death, which was never explained. I was so displeased with Season 4 that if there was a fifth season, I wouldn’t bother watching it even if Doyle came back from the grave to produce it. I am that soured. However, I didn’t take to Youtube and spend nearly two hours beating this idiotic show into a meaty, unrecognizable pulp like this guy. And yet, despite the copious vulgarities that splat against the screen in rage, I enjoyed this video because he’s right. He’s absolutely right.

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