When Video Game Demos LIE!

Some video game demos do a great job of showcasing the game. Prey, for example.

Then there’s the other kind…

Because game publishers are a band of soulless jackals, deceptive demos are more frequent than they should be. Here’s seven of the WORST.

I will note, however, that they left off my own personal vote for the biggest lying demo ever made.

This demo cut out the most finicky, most boring, most obnoxious most pervasive game mechanic, and pretended like it was the actual game. Still annoyed every time I think about it.

But LucasArts is dead, and I am not. BURN IN HELL LUCASARTS. I’ve built a special building punishing Greed, and it’s reserved just for you…

3 thoughts on “When Video Game Demos LIE!”

  1. My recolection of Afterlife was that it was just Sim City with different art. What did you hate about it so much?

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