3 thoughts on “Seth McFarlane has a Star Trek Parody…”

  1. I’m interested. It looks more like Galaxy Quest than Star Trek. (im aware that GQ was also a trek parody, i’m just saying thats what it looks like.)

  2. Several Trek alums on and behind screen. Uncredited (currently, on IMDB) Victor Garber from Legends of Tomorrow. And so long as this runs, Mockingbird won’t be coming back to the MCU.

    But this looks like something from Seth I might actually want to watch.

  3. I think our host has it right. It be scheduled at the worst possible times, then moved every other week to a new time slot. Fortunately, DVRs have mostly eliminated the issue of “Oh crap, X moved to a new day”. Now I just record all new episodes regardless of the time\date combo.

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