2 thoughts on “Passengers, The Thriller Edit”

  1. On the one hand, sure, it looks like it could work as a thriller/horror show. On the other hand, I have active disinterest in that sort of thing. On the other other hand, predictable trite Stockholm Syndrome romances are of no interest to me either. On the twilight hand, I do kind of like the “she contemplates the same choice” ending, where it’s a bit of a downer, but not so much a creepy schlockish dumpster fire, but more of a “what would *you* do” sort of thing. The best Twilight Zone shows were in that vein; more contemplative than terrifying (though occasionally, terrifying through implication and audience involvement rather than denotation or horror tropes, which are significantly stronger).

    To me, that’s a better story with more heft and interest, rather than the thriller or romance.

  2. Er, I meant to write that implication and invoking the “what would you do” are stronger than obvious messaging, jump scares and other horror tropes. Apologies.

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