Yes, the F4nt4st!c ƒ0ü®! What a movie.

What an awful, awful movie.

I’m not usually a fan of the Nostalgia Critic—nothing personal, just don’t appreciate his schtick—but this one is definitely worth watching, if for no other reason than he truly brought out some new aspects of the movie. I thought I had plumbed the depths of suck in this flick, but Nostalgia Critic managed to find more gems of awfulness.


Yes, it was truly bad.

6 thoughts on “Fant4-Suck!”

  1. More than any other superhero flick, this one captures what is, to me, so incredibly wrong with most superhero movies – the desire to spend ages of narrative and screen time on the backstory of how the character got his or her powers and how the team got together. People know how the characters got their powers, and most folks know or don’t care about how the team got together. They want to see the characters they know and love using the powers that they all know about to wreck the familiar rogues from those characters’ rogue galleries.

  2. Largely, I think, because they want to get spidey into the Avengers ASAP.

    Tony Stark: We don’t have time for you to work through your little kid bullshit, we need you in the next movie, stat!

  3. That shtick is so annoying, I almost wanted to watch the movie on my own just to escape him, but you’re right. He makes some on point criticisms. Why is everybody sitting around talking in dark rooms? Why is everybody so busy talking in an action film in the first place? Hollywood shows over and over again that they don’t respect the original sources. They just assign these projects to hacks who phone it in.

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