So there’s a new Spider-Man movie coming out, and this one looks like it won’t suck.

Here’s the newly released trailer, and it’s all about Vulture. Frankly, it makes me want to watch the movie even more.

Plus there’s Marisa Tomei. Hard to go wrong with Marisa Tomei.

4 thoughts on “Vulture!”

  1. I just hope the Vulture isn’t some mouthpiece for the anti-1%-er crowd. Bitter revenge, personal vendetta, sure. Political pandering, eh, not so much.

  2. Second that. Greg Berlanti apparently wants to half the ratings on all four of his shows.

    Also, Marisa Tomei. I still fondly recall the carwash scene in the opening credits of A Different World. I didn’t mind Lisa Bonet not back for season 2.

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