5 thoughts on “Justice League is Coming!”

  1. So, will this be 80s maudlin Cyborg, slowly losing his humanity early 00s Cyborg, or fun 2004+ CN style Cyborg?

  2. I don’t care for Flash’s helmet. His armor is OK, but the helmet doesn’t look “right” – if you get me. Also, what’s up with Khal Drogo looming ominously with his Pentent in all the promo pics? Pente = 5, that’s not a Trident.

  3. I don’t know if the yumminess of Aquaman is enough to make up for the rest. I’ve just been disappointed one too many times by the Hollywood messaging machine. Maybe once it’s on Netflix, I’ll give it a look — that way the least amount of my money goes to funding the Left.

  4. There’s something about Zach Synder movies that are just so mediocre. At best they’re entertaining (300). At worst they’re 300 pt2 and sucker punch, blegh. The trailer makes it look good but hollywood is very good at making trailers.

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