“The Son of a Bitch Who Invented Comic Sans!”

Comic Sans, Microsoft’s comic book font, is widely and passionately loathed, and has been for a long time. Take this ten-year-old comic strip…

“The disease is inside of you!”

But does the guy really deserve all that hate? LET’S FIND OUT!

Seems like a nice guy. Certainly not someone who deserves a curb stomping.

But why do people hate Comic Sans? And is it actually not that bad a font?


I’m not fully convinced, but he makes a good case. Lots of great info about fonts, too.

6 thoughts on ““The Son of a Bitch Who Invented Comic Sans!””

  1. It probably says something about me that I actually quite like both comic sans and papyrus. And I’m not talking about the Undertale characters.

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