Rogue One: Plinkett Doesn’t Like It

Rogue One is in the theaters, and doing pretty well ($500 mil, as of yesterday).


I enjoyed it (check out our Geek Gab review), but it does have its flaws. Basically, it’s like cotton candy: pretty, tasty, but no lasting nutritional value.

Mr. Plinkett doesn’t like it, of course. Let’s see what he has to say!

He makes some good points, though he’s far harsher than I am, mostly because of one point: I LIKE action in my movies, and Mike Stoklasa (et. al.) just don’t. Which, let’s face it, is a massive impediment to reviewing movies with any sort of action in them.

Not that the action was perfect (he’s dead on about the lack of character-building dialogue), but cinematic violence and explosions aren’t, in and of themselves, offensive and wrong, even in a “Star Wars” movie.

3 thoughts on “Rogue One: Plinkett Doesn’t Like It”

  1. While Plinkett’s take down of Phantom Menace is a classic, I’m not sure about this one. I haven’t seen the movie myself, but people I trust have and they seem to have enjoyed it.

  2. My yard ape went to see it with her friends and had a good time.

    Since she is highly SJW-asininity aware, Mr. Wright’s claim that the anti-social goobers posting “in your face Alt-Westers” hadn’t managed to corrupt the film seems probable.

    But she told me: The action was cool even though the ending was a downer.” And she really doesn’t like Star Wars.

    So… This one’s a rental.

  3. Mike is fine with action, he’s doesn’t like POINTLESS action (see: 80s movies as reviewed by Raz0rfist). And he has a point. Just compare the battles in LotR to the one in the last Hobbit movie.

    I was very “meh” about it, but very impressed with the visual world building and shots. I’ll admit I was pretty biased because I love spycraft (Burn Notice is one of my favorite shows) and Dark Forces is one of the first computer games I ever played so this show had multiple ways to both please me, and fail me. Ultimately… it failed.

    I think it would have been much improved had the 2 main leads actually had a romance to emotionally center the movie on with their arc being an awakening from cynicism into faith for one of them (probably not!Kyle), hope for the other (probably not!Jan), and love for both.

    Or any number of other possibilities. It’s one of those films, there’s not so much one big glaring flaw (like TFA – which was the super weapon), as lots of tiny small ones.

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