Transformers: The Last Knight!

Well, it’s finally hoving into view: the next chapter in the Transformers… saga? Is it a saga now? Five movies counts as a saga, right?

Anyway, it’s almost here!


And, just to get you PUMPED, here’s the official trailer!

Okay, true confession time: I’m a big Michael Bay fan, and I am NOT pumped.

Bay does great action movies: Bad Boys, The Rock, the first Transformers, even a surprising dramatic turn in the excellent 13 Hours. But this is his fifth Transformers movie. He’s been doing them for ELEVEN YEARS and I kinda get the feeling like it’s beginning to wear on him.

Hence why this one feels less like something he really cares about (versus 13 Hours and Pain & Gain) and more like something he’s doing because of the ABSURDLY large paycheck and the fact the studio includes bankrolling his passion projects as part of his salary. At least in this case, his seeming disinterest has produced a movie that seems a little sub-par.

Don’t get me wrong, I hope it’s entertaining as hell. It’s just that this trailer doesn’t really indicate that, you know?

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