When Shaky-Cam is Censorship

So, shaky cam. What a bunch of garbage. Even when it happens in movies I love.

Like this one.

Why is it so prevalent, though? Well, according to YouTuber AllOuttabubbleGum, it’s because the MPAA has gone all censorious over common, everyday, NECESSARY fight choreography.

I’ll let his video speak for itself.

I’ve complained about this before, most specifically on Geek Gab, where stupid MPAA rules mean that intense, visceral fight scenes are limited to R-Rated movies, while PG-13 movies (which can’t show impacts) are limited to floaty, fake, uninteresting fights. I’d never considered that shaky-cam was a result of that same censorious impulse, however.

Good to see some confirmation of the problem.

3 thoughts on “When Shaky-Cam is Censorship”

  1. Funny, because just reading your text I started to think about “Every Frame”‘s Jackie Chan video, and then the vid goes and posts it!

    I swear I’m a prophet by sarcasm.

    Though I do disagree about Bourne. The later ones started almost making me motion sick, and I could stand Cloverfield.

    The Taken films don’t bother me quite as much, though I would agree they would probably be better more steady.

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