Kong: Skull Island Trailer!

Well… it’s coming: Apocalypse Now, but with a giant ape.


And here’s the full trailer!

The movie looks great, though the comedy bits in the trailer fell flat for me. And I’m still getting a “preachy Vietnam War message flick” vibe from the movie.

Even so, I’ll make time for this one. What can I say—I love me some giant monster action.

3 thoughts on “Kong: Skull Island Trailer!”

  1. Benjamin, I am given to understand that this Kong is in the same “universe” as the recent Godzilla movie with Bryan Cranston. They’re (forget who, one of the studios) is building up to a giant-monster-Avengers-style crossover movie. I didn’t quite believe it either until I saw this trailer which revealed that Kong will be fighting a villain of his own this film, not just the humans. Remember that’s what Godzilla turned out to be and that was hidden in trailers for the longest time I think they realized that may have been a mistake and that’s why this trailer tips us off that Kong will be fighting foes alongside the humans.

    I don’t think it was going to be just Godzilla & Kong in that film though if this movie flops they might just reduce it to that to save money, but I’m still hopeful they maybe give one or two other big monster movies a solo spot before giving us our giant-avengers.

    As someone who’s one of their favorite miniature games is Monsterpocalypse, I’m really hopeful.

    And in case you think I’m making it up:

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