Sherlock Honest Trailer!

So, Sherlock—the BBC’s reigning champ TV series, especially now that Downton Abbey’s over and done with.

Here’s the problem: liking it is so trendy, that people are hesitant to watch it or admit liking it. Well, forget that. Watch this Honest Trailer, then hunt down the first season (or, as it’s known in Britain, “First Series”) and CHECK IT OUT.

It’s worth it.

One thought on “Sherlock Honest Trailer!”

  1. Cumberbach does a good job as Sherlock. The show is much better than Elementary. Much.
    But it got on my nerves, in the end. The constant gay baiting, the impossible escapes and rescues…
    I know ACD set up the Reinbach falls incident because he wanted to just kill of the character. The fact that he failed isn’t due to any ingenuity on Sherlock’s part. But that’s another rant.

    Good show, not great.

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